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People watching

I love the opportunity travel affords for one of my favorite pastimes—people watching. I had two back-to-back trips recently that gave me ample and varied people-watching opportunities. Not all of it is good. Here’s an example of a conversation I witnessed in the airport: Old woman to husband (in a slightly bossy tone): “Go to […]

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A bit of mental overload

What a month this is turning out to be. I’ve been going from one thing to the next to the next, virtually nonstop. A friend teased me this morning, looking for my cape and a red “S.” But even though I’m juggling so many things between work and with the kids’ busy summer schedules, I’m […]

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You mean it wasn’t a law before?

So July 1 is the day in Florida when many new traffic laws go into effect. On the news this morning I saw that among other things, it is now a law to use a turn signal when changing lanes. Wait, what??? Does this mean that all those times I’ve fumed at other drivers (from […]

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Friday as Monday

I’m completely discombobulated today. It’s Friday, but it feels like a Monday. I can’t get my head around the fact that it’s already the weekend. I took the whole week off from work, except I had to go to a meeting this morning. It seemed pointless to just take half a day off, so I […]

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It must be a scientific fact

News alert! I am taking a break from my regular blogging to present this vital piece of information. I have scientifically determined that 20 pounds is the amount of weight one must lose before others begin noticing. How did I discover this startling statistic, you ask? Through rigorous observational research. 1-19 pounds, not a soul […]

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